With over 32 years in the industry
Emerald Bay Contracting

...brings together experience & expertise to produce a finished product that is unbeatable and guaranteed to last. Whether new construction, re-roof or rooftop conversion services are required, each roof system is inspected at different stages of the process & only the best, environmentally green products are installed. Hence our guarantee and our number of years in the business.


Rooftop Conversion Services

Whether its a full conversion, rooftop facelift or solar additions, we have got u covered with our safety dedicated crew.


Attic Cooling Solutions

When it comes to attic cooling solutions, we are the best. Our meticulous crew can tear and set faster than most others in the industry.


Metal Rooftops

Impermeability and longevity are great reasons to switch from Asphalt to Metal rooftops.


Torch-On Solutions

Here at Emerald Bay Contracting, we are not afraid to apply torch on solutions to solve your roofing issues.


Re Roofing Services

We offer corrugated tin, tiles, and asphalft roofing.

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Emerald Bay Contracting has been serving customers of all locations from Vancouver to Chilliwack, of the Lower Mainland of BC since 1986!